Supernote – Cloud sync notes now available !

Hello. It is @ Adolfoi_. The other day iOS application “Notepad – Supernote – Simple, Cloud Sync” has been released. This is a simple and easy to use memo pad application. Cloud synchronization is possible. Synchronize between iPhone and iPad. Of course it is also possible to turn off synchronization from the setting. ■ Notepad

YouText Jailbreak Tweaks now available !

Hello. I’m Adolfoi_ Today I released an application called “YouText” in the BigBoss repository. YouText is a Tweaks that allows you to freely change the text color and background color of Notes.App. Transparency is also adjustable. The price is Free. Let’s have fun.   PLEASE NOTE First of all, unless you adjust all the sliders,


ClipOCR2 now available !!

Hello, every one. I’m @Adolfoi_ I released a new App Store App,”ClipOCR2″. This is an application using artificial intelligence. Read characters from images and convert them to editable text. Download https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/clipocr2/id1183706066?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8   Thank you !  


PokeCircle – Map for Pokémon GO Now available!!

Today, self-made Pokemon GO Maps app,I released the “PokeCircle – Map for Pokémon GO”! ! In the App Store is being acclaimed public. Price is free! PokeCircle – Map for Pokémon GO https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pokecircle-map-for-pokemon-go/id1145409381?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8   Appeared long-awaited all the world, all regions corresponding version of Pokemon GO of the Maps app! ! If you live in



Hi, I’m @Adolfoi_. I released new Jailbreak Tweaks “RapidfireTap” in BigBoss repsitory.   Description Compatible with iOS 8 to iOS 9. Supported iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Auto tap for any App,Games, etc. Usage Let’s turn on the switch. Auto Rapid-fire tap will enable immediately. It is also possible to change the location of the tap.


FisheyeCam now available!!

Hello. I’m @Adolfoi_. The other day, “fish-eye lens camera – FisheyeCam” of the new camera app we have released. The price is free.   Full-fledged fish-eye lens app of completely free now available !! Real-time display function ■ You can display the video in real time, you can take a fish-eye photos. The strength of

MagicWinkReader Released !!

MagicWinkReader released in App Store Today . It is a “tool application” of the previous article. Currently the price is free. This app uses the front camera of the terminal, It recognizes the Wink It is an application that can turn the page! Was applied the near future of technology, it has become a book